Our vision, focus and roadmap are on developing one precision instrument that has multiple applications and lends itself to the staged development of several product and service derivatives with our channel partners:

  • the adult device CE-Mark/Class2A, with the aim of obtaining Class2B regulatory compliance

  • miniaturisation of the adult device for consumer/medical and infant / neonatal / paediatric monitoring

  • re-engineering of the adult version to develop Oppy™ – a RUGGED/Satellite/5G version offering remote access for those in hard-to-reach, isolated or hazardous locations

  • Within five years, we will have built a comprehensive dataset of healthy and ill-health users that will enable us to explore data-mining opportunities in support of humanitarian research through collaborations with biomarker and genome research companies developing personalised precision medicines and therapies

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In collaboration with one or more channel partners:

  • WISHcpd™

Wearable Insights Smart Health continuing profession development – An accredited eLearning AR/VR programme to support general practitioners to adopt and prescribe medtech to their patients.

  • CyberPharma™

Research the barriers and changes to service re-design to enable high-street pharmacies to provide health and wellness consultancy in conjunction with a medical-grade wearable device that provides real-time health data. The pharmacist will have the option to access one or more real-time online second opinion consolations.

  • HR4Me™

To research health and wellness in the workplace using a remote monitoring device to reduce stress for employees ‘the sandwich generation’, caught between work responsibilities and their home life, juggling the demands of childcare and/or ailing elderly relatives.

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