An Investment Opportunity

Medical and Health Tech Investment Opportunity


Medical-grade health tech for adults, infants, IoT Smart homes and cities

Thank you for responding to our email. The Future Care (UK) Ltd is an innovative and disruptive health tech company currently operating in the public sector. We are spearheading several health tech initiatives destined to disrupt NHS and Social Services pathways, and we have patents pending for applications that will fulfil our vision and further our ambition to become a leading public- and private-sector health and wellness influencer and provider.

Our primary focus in on selling Care3® our senior T2/CE medically-approved monitoring ecosystem. Building on this technology, we are at 2nd-stage prototype development of CHIME™ (Clinical Health Infant Monitoring Ecosystem), patent pending. InnovateUK has awarded Future Care £100K to develop this prototype, and we are working with Imperial College London, Sheffield and Manchester Universities and NHS Trusts to bring this to fruition.

Like Care3®, CHIME™ connects to any peripheral for independent living based on the IoT Smart home, offering security, safety and lifestyle enhancement. But our driving belief is in the future Smart City opportunity. Future Care is one of 10 companies selected from over 100 applicants to have won support from the Cambridge Wireless / Digital Catapult Smart City “BOOST” programme. This will help Future Care develop a Smart City LoRa/LPWAN capability. As part of this infrastructure creation opportunity, we are in early-stage discussions with Cambridge stakeholders to develop a Falls Prediction & Prevention Service (patent pending).

These are important stepping-stones to developing disruptive technologies and applications that can maximise on the opportunities and funding streams which are rapidly reshaping UK healthcare and social services. While our core income is generated from sales of Care3®, we have developed a visionary and collaborative business model that will enable Future Care to develop its services and technologies though joint ventures. Our first example is with a company that has agreed to allow us to use their Dyslexia and Hard of Hearing HoloLens technology as a prelude to developing our own augmented reality vision for which we have a patent pending.

The Ask

We are seeking investment of £300k for 10% equity from one or more UK or overseas investors. We are also seeking overseas T1 investors to take active role(s) in developing Future Care.

Investment will be used in four ways:

  • to develop our Care3® public-sector pipeline
  • to develop a retail version of Care3®
  • to scale up resources to drive the business forward
  • to acquire the professional expertise for 2nd-round funding. This will be used to look at entering European and Asian markets in 2019 and to acquire software licences to further develop our medical health vision and refine our uniquely flexible business model.

How to Invest

Future Care has created a secure, private, FSA-approved investment page held on the Rockstar International’s investor site. Potential investors will need to register on this site to access our offer and all our due diligence documentation.

To invest, please follow this link:INVEST or if you wish to ask any questions before registering, please CONTACT US or call either:

Bradford Rogers, MD and Co-Founder

Andrew Cowen, Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman

on our Freephone: 0800 688 9194

THANK YOU and looking forward to sharing this investment opportunity with you.