Business Model

The Future Care (UK) Ltd is focused on health tech, with most of our efforts devoted to building sales of our public-sector Care3® brand for senior health and wellness. Given the rapid pace of change in health innovation, new opportunities are continually arising, and Future Care’s role in delivering innovative solutions to the public sector continues to grow. We are now looking to extend to the private sector.

To leverage these opportunities, we have developed a business model that allows Future Care to acquire software or enter new markets. This puts down the building blocks for Future Care to cost-effectively develop collaborative health initiatives across different technologies, offer new solutions and grow our existing business. As our business model evolves, it will offer cumulative benefits to investors and other stakeholders.

If we discover or are approached by a company or individuals with an innovation or market that matches our vision, we will suggest formalising the relationship. This relationship would go beyond a one-off project-based profit-share joint venture agreement. Such an agreement might have the following format
Company B with its offering would give Future Care a percentage share in its business and unlimited licence and access to its market(s) and innovation. In return Future Care would form a new company  C  or sub-division of Future Care created specifically to address the new opportunity.

Future Care’s new company C would offer Company B shares in company C ensuring mutual benefits in joint ownership and developing our business across this new market, maximising on innovation opportunities.

As the model develops the aggregated skills, markets, shared IP, innovation and opportunities will be self-innovating within Future Care’s nucleus.

This outline business model helps us to communicate and visualise our long-term vision. Future Care has already started putting this vision into practice. The above business model focus illustrates the four key innovations that will help Future Care expand and be seen as innovative, disruptive and visionary.

Example putting our business model into practice

Brain & Vision (B&V) is the first company to enter a relationship with Future Care. It has developed two augmented reality (AR) prototypes using HoloLens:

Dyslexia – helping those with this learning disability to achieve their full potential while in education.

Hard of hearing – to enable those with hearing difficulties to engage with the world of sound and convert sound into a visual representation which they will understand and can participate in.

Both initiatives have other benefits and applications spanning different markets.

As a stepping-stone B&V’s technology could provide Future Care with some elements that could be used to develop “MADE™” – My Augmented Data Environment and visa-versa. MADE™ has a patent pending and is a slow, long-term initiative. At present, MADE™ has no monetary value due to the cost and limitations of the HoloLens technology. However, it provides Future Care with a building block to ensure we are at the forefront of this rapidly evolving area of health and wellness. It also provides us with new opportunities. At the same time, we are developing the skills and understanding of this market and have a schematic prototype so we can convincingly engage with this growing AR opportunity and community.

One key example of how our approach is working was our participation in a ‘Border Sessions’ conference and workshop event, The Hague, Netherlands in Jun ’17. Future Care submitted MADE™ and was one of the 20 semi-finalists selected from 300+ applications to pitch to an international panel of investors at this event. While we were not one of the three finalists, many benefits and opportunities have developed from our and pitching the MADE™ initiative at this event.


Seasoned entrepreneurs and investors may prefer other business model approaches which we would be willing to consider. While we are very focused on sales we are also mindful that we need to keep abreast of developments in our health and wellness markets and remain receptive and flexible to take advantage of change. We acknowledge that our skills and expertise are predominantly creative and visionary, which is why we seek the input from seasoned influencers with diverse skills to participate in our business vision to our mutual benefit.

We have kept our investment proposition simple in that we are very focused on Care3 sales, creating value through this channel while at the same time developing IP and new markets to underpin our long-term vision.

How to invest.

Future Care has a secure and private Financial Service Authority approved investment page. To Invest Now simply click the link. This will take you to the start of an investor registration process which will then allow you to access the proposition and our due diligence documentation.

If you would like to have a conversation or you have any questions then please do not hesitate to CONTACT US or call us on our FREE phone number 0800 688 9194 for more information.