Care3® Product Profile

Care3® Product Profile

Care3® can revolutionise the way health and wellbeing is delivered across the NHS and Social Services. It can inform medical and social care staff of any fluctuation in a person’s normal health and wellness condition. As a preventative and reactive monitoring device ecosystem, this can h.ave dramatic impact across all stakeholders. Care3® Product Flyer (PDF)


Wearable Device

Base Unit in Home

Commissioners Reporting APP







The real-time health and wellness data generated from the device empowers commissioners,

medical, social care stakeholders and families alike. This can be used in several different ways and is easily mapped into the various NHS and social care pathways. Case Studies  highlight some of benefits and applications.

Almost immediately Care3® will begin to identify the user’s base line health and wellness data. The device continues through machine learning and algorithms to develop a better understanding of the service user’s biometrics health and wellness.

The user / practitioner can then become familiar with the data and establish a picture of the user’s base line health and wellness characteristics.


They can then use this information along with preventative and reactive algorithm alerts and a Red, Amber, Neutral priority traffic light, management system.

This enables commissioners, managers and staff to effectively and efficiently provide prioritised and timely care rather than maintaining rotas that may not be necessary, allowing staff to do more with less.

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