Commissioners’ Benefits

Commissioner’s Benefits

Commissioners are under considerable stress and pressure to do more with less and increase quality of care. See for yourself and contact us to hear how we can help you benefit from these TECS and achieve your STP’s. Meanwhile her are just a few, but not limited to commissioner benefits.

(Image flow from Watch to call Centre diagram)

General Benefits

Care3® integrated service connectivity

NHS Commissions Benefits

Reduce bed blocking, A&E / GP visits.

Better convalescence outcomes

Self-managed care initiatives for Diabetics, Cardo-vascular, Palliative care

Supports via two-way communication, talking therapies and coaching services users suffering from Depression, Obesity, Medication reminders

Other medical conditions, including but not limited to: Dementia, Bipolar, Parkinson’s, End of Life care

Circadian Rhythms Health and wellness indicator report






Social Service Commissions Benefits

Cheaper and more effective than competitors ’Call-Line’ panic red button technology

Commissioners prioritising tool enables front line staff to do more with less.

Health and wellness data integrates with medical triage, NHS / GP/ SS and ‘N3’ infrastructure, nursing home and home care rostering patient care systems

Better peripatetic care services and care worker support.

Self-managed care, talking therapies provided by call monitoring services.

Care3® integrated end-to-end ecosystem


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