Ethics & Privacy

Ethics and Privacy

Care3® works by gathering and analyzing users’ health data via our monitoring and triage centre. We do this as an ethical, responsible organisation, rooted in the public sector, with the aim of improving health and social services and users’ quality of life. We will always seek permission from users or their carers to share their information with other health and social care professionals. We will never share users’ information with commercial organisations for profit.

As part of our registration process, we will request permission to anonymise personal data for use by reputable research institutions, to further medical science. We will never breach a user’s trust by misuse of this anonymised personal data.

Use of Big Data 

Society is beginning to realise the power and potential benefits of Big Data. Health and social care organisations need to analyse and use their data to cut costs, save time and improve care and treatment.

The Care3® health monitoring system gathers detailed, accurate data which can be used to develop:

  • Better service and workforce planning
  • New algorithms to improve health and social care provision
  • More detailed, real-time analysis of specific, known conditions
  • Medical research based around targeted, well-defined cohorts or data correlations
  • An unprecedented overview of the health & Well being  of people in the UK.

All use of data would be:

  • Anonymised
  • With informed consent
  • For ethical research
  • Under the strictest security, compatible with the NHS N3 secure network and approved by the Health and Social Care Information Commission.


Future Care (UK) Chairman, Andrew Cowen explains: “Big data is already here. Every time we engage with public sector services our data is recorded. Every time we shop, use social media, GPS or a smartphone, we’re contributing to Big Data analytics. Health and social care services need this data to plan for the future and improve our health outcomes”.