Falls Prediction & Prevention Service

Smart Cities are the next WINDOWS, if one does not mind the metaphor.

Smart cities offer Future Care new entry points to expand on our current product and services but also to design, develop and deliver new and innovative health and wellness services across a community, rather than aimed solely at the individual. This opens Future Care up to a whole new market opportunity.

As part of Cambridge Wireless / Digital Catapult, IoT-LoRa/LPWAN “BOOST” programme. Our focus was to develop a smart city infrastructure capability  . However, that alone is not enough.

Since we had the support and mentoring from Cambridge’s key stakeholders, including the Council, Social Service, NHS and the University we wanted to do something meaningful and develop a Smart City Falls Prediction and Prevention(FP&P) service.

The problem we are addressing is as follows:

  • In England alone there are some 3,000/annum falls associated with icy surfaces
  • For the elderly, falls are one of the main causes of mortality
  • The cost of a fall is not only born by the NHS but its 1:4 cost for Social Services.
  • Falls not only impact on health costs but are the cause of lost earnings, NI and PAYE payments, litigation, medial insurance claims, lost productivity and sick days and often a cause of lost earnings and early retirement due to long term falls injuries.
  • A fall impacts not just on the individual but also the whole community and much more.

The challenge is not the technology, but the cooperation across multiple stakeholders to agree to work together to benefit the public purse and reduce NHS and Social Service costs relating to the prevalence o falls. We also believe that a smart city programme will improve the quality, health and wellbeing of the people in the community. As this technology is relatively new there are few examples or expertise that can demonstrate experience in this sector. As a trail blazer, we appreciate and acknowledge the barriers. But getting in on the ground will help us build the skills, experience and profile in the public sector to become an asset for the future.

Furthermore, working on a smart city initiative, by necessity, brings us closer to key public sector influencers (NHS, SS and Council) board room decision makers and commissioners that will help raise our profile in the public sector health and social care services .

We do not delude ourselves that this is a complex initiative further compounded by the fact that the initiator of a smart city technology platform, is not necessarily going to be the beneficiary of any savings / efficiencies etc. Also, traditional investors will be shy of considering this initiative due to the stakeholder complexity. However, the market potential of enormous $1.5trillion by 2020. Future Care is in the right place at the right time with a low cost of entry and few competitors.

Robert Foster, who is on our board of advisors, is not only a specialist in social enterprise, social impact and RoI, but also an international expert in seeking funding for such infrastructure project though the use of Social Impact Bonds.

It is very initial stages of this development. We have a prototype and a patent pending and making headway in developing a pilot.

We are seeking interest from companies interested in this area and willing to collaborate. To find out more please CONTACT US or call our FREE phone number 0800 688 9194