GIANT’20 Partnership

Smart City Health and Innovation Village + Hackathon’ in partnership with GIANT Health Event, 10-11 Nov’20, London, UK

Future Care with director Andrew Cowen as ‘thought leader’, is curating this event and partnered with GIANT Health Events Ltd. Now in its 4 year, this event is supported by senior Gov and NHS thought leaders. Plus, a growing number, year-on-year, of delegates, contributor participation and exhibitors, all fostering and focused on health care innovation.

Please see past event profile as the foundation for launching this new initiative in GIANT’s 10-11Nov’20 event.

Over the two days, the event will focus on four ‘ACTION NOW’ conference themes. Each 2­–2½ hour ‘ACTION NOW’ session will address the challenges of implementing multi-stakeholder, smart-city health services. The hackathon will feed into these challenges.

The overall objective is for each ‘ACTION NOW’ session to result in the panellists and selected decision-maker representatives in the audience taking ownership and bringing the agreed actions to fruition. Decision engagement software will enable panellists and audience to register, real-time commitment, taking ownership of initiatives and next actions in addressing each of the ACTION NOW themes.

To date we have keen interest from major international corporations and public sector bodies.

The four embryonic draft ‘ACTION NOW’ sessions (to be confined) include for example:

  • Utilities data to provide non-invasive health and wellness monitoring in the home.

  • ‘Public Sector Barriers’ deep-dive into the behavioural and cultural challenges hindering the implementation of smart home and city health initiatives and adoption.

  • Insurance health and wellness in the smart city, homes and workplace.

  • The Business Case – approaches to funding/finance/RoI, social impact measurement, shared ‘saving/benefits’ across multi-public sector stakeholders, business models, legal/IP.

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