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We have a joint venture with with Brain & Vision that fits into Future Care’s business model .

Brain & Vision Ltd have developed two Augmented Reality (AR) innovations using HoloLens technology. These include:

  1. A) Learning disability solution for Dyslexia applied to education and the workplace
  2. B) Hard of Hearing or Commercial applications.

These two initiatives are in prototype stages. But there are many other applications where HoloLens technology can be applied to different markets.

Future Care firmly believes that HoloLens technology will be how we will be receiving information in the future. The idea of looking out on and engaging with the real world, while having additional information included in one’s vision, is one that is natural and inclusive. We predict that this HoloLens technology will eventually replace the flat two-dimensional PC/Laptop/tablet and possibly phone screens.

The simple principle of having information converted into another format with additional information augmenting and enriching the user experience has a multitude of applications and could be the foundation of taking HoloLens application to a different level.

Encouraged by Brain & Vision, Future Care has started to apply this HoloLens technology to health. Future care is at an embryonic stage of developing MADE™ – patent pending. The MADE™ initiative was 1 off 20 semi-finalists out of 300+ applications to present at a “Border Sessions Conference” in The Hague, Netherlands.

The cost and limitations of this technology and the limited range of HoloLens’ glasses and headset hardware are the barriers to becoming a popular means of displaying information. HoloLens will not be a mass market option until the technology and hardware becomes more affordable and the design of HoloLens glasses or headsets become more varied and widely available.

However, Future Care is confident that having a presence and viable option in this AR HoloLens market will futureproof Future Care’s business opportunity and overall vision.

Augmented Reality HoloLens – Hearing Disability, Health and Commercial applications – Rather than discuss the process we have outlined three examples of how HoloLens Augmented Reality can be used when applied to different markets / applications.

Example – Hard of Hearing at a Conference

A deaf person in a conference could be wearing HoloLens to have the voice played back and converted to text, sigh language or a lip reading format. The user can receive other information and simultaneously, also participate in group discussions. Other individuals can be represented in the HoloLens environment and communicate between each other and include in real-time, the person with a disability.

Example – Street Safety for Hard of Hearing.

If a deaf person was walking in the street they could be informed of danger and the type of danger based on an alert or beeping of a car horn. Or to avoid shock of not hearing someone approach.

Example – Smart City & HoloLens

The other potential is the use of this technology in a Smart City environment, receiving and broadcasting data while being connected to any number of different sensors located across the smart city infrastructure.

Example – Interpreting & Translation

As a person listens to a foreign language the software converts the speech into other forms of communication using either simultaneous interpreting or translation. HoloLens can also add additional information to the process e.g. graphs, real-time transmitted images/video, bid data analysis. The experience could be the next SKYPE.

Investors can be a part of this development, and much more by investing  now. This link takes you to our secure and private Financial Services Authority approved investor page. Investors can register and access all due diligence information as required. However, this and other initiatives are excluded from the financial P&L as we are seeking to keep the investor story as simple as possible.

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