Investors introduction

The Future Care (UK) Ltd is focused on Health Tec. We aspire to being a health and wellness, R&D innovator across several technologies and markets. To achieve this, we have a business model and strategy that supports our vision plus intellectual property(IP) with three patents pending.


To help us achieve our goals, we are looking for two types of investors.

Seed investment from the UK or overseas investment community to help us consolidate our public sector sales pipeline, develop our private sector potential and support our management team as a prelude to 2nd funding round

“T1 – Entrepreneur UK Work Visa” investors to take key roles in the development of Future Care. We anticipate considering one or more investors who will have excellent spoken English, good contacts with overseas companies and expertise in one or more areas. Their roles will be to help build our business and our future overseas expansion plans with a track record in: investment, manufacture, finance, medical, import / export, research and development. Other T1 Entrepreneur applications for positions in the company will also be considered based on merit.


Our vision can be summarised as:

  • to be profitable and sustainable while we develop innovation
  • to take advantage of the opportunities and approaches we encounter because of our public and private sector contacts, innovation, creativity and disruptive thinking.
  • to capitalise on our medical and ethical public sector values, brand(s) and product innovation and to further leverage this to enable us to diversify into the private / consumer sector, and later other overseas markets.


Short term we are in the process of achieving this vision by prioritising and demonstrating sales of our Care3® public sector – senior monitoring, medical health and wellness ecosystem . Medium term, we are in the second stage development of a paediatric medical grade prototype, CHIME™ – Clinical Health Infant Monitoring Ecosystem . Longer term we are positioning ourselves to benefit from the evolution of smart cities and technologies with a Falls Prediction & Prevention  Service and a separate initiative focused on Augmented Reality  (AR) immersive technology.


In AR, we have three prototypes using HoloLens and a patent pending. Development in HoloLens is one example of our business model using collaboration and joint ventures to acquire intellectual property to future provide mutual benefits for our partners and overall investors.


Click on the links to find out more about the Investment Opportunity,  the Business Model  or go straight to How to Invest  via our Financial Service Authority approved, private investment page.  If you would like to discuss any aspect of our investment opportunity please do not hesitate to CONTACT US – INVESTOR  or call us on our FREE phone number 0800 688 9194.


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