Measurement & Return on Investment

Robert Foster is an international acclaimed expert in social impact measurement and return on investment.Social Enterprise and Social Impact Bands. He provides consultancy to governments, universities, industry, commence and the 3rd sector. He is also a specialist in social enterprise development and bonds. Robert provides consultancy throughout the globe, especially in China, Eastern Europe, Africa and some S. American countries. He is regularly commissioned by the British Council in their outreach development programs.

Robert is an Associate Director and small shareholder with Future Care. Be role in the company is to ensure that Future Care’s projects and service can measure are professionally and imperially monitored providing an invaluable wealth of critical performance indicators and indices for both ourselves and our clients.

The rational for such monitoring and measurement is that it helps to objectively quantify the success or need to change in any given situation. Without such benchmarking and objectivity it is impossible to provide an accurate insight in that is taking place while implementing change.

The NHS’s target of seeking to have documented Sustainable Transformation Plans (STP) for each public sector health and social care ‘entity’ e.g. NHS Trust and Social Service local council services, is rarely going to provide meaningful information unless these entities go back to 1st principles e.g.  what exists now, what needs to change, what does change look like, how change will be achieved and after the event, has this been achieved in line with the entities objectives?

This is Robert running a workshop and demonstrating the value of technology and one of many approaches and methodologies in measuring social impact and return on investment.


We understand that public sector commissioners need to be accountable for the value and efficiencies they add to their services. They more than most, but solely restricted to public health, need to demonstrate the return on investment from any innovation they purchase. We have the expertise to help the public and the private sectors implement and achieve this.

The benefits of Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) like ours were clearly demonstrated by a study for the London Borough of Havering in January 2014, which found that using TECS led to:

  • a 44% reduction in hospital admissions due to falls, between 2011 and 2013
  • users being 5.9% less likely to be admitted into residential or nursing care
  • admissions to residential care being delayed by 2–7 months, resulting in projected annual net saving of £937,500
  • between 80 and 90% of users and carers agreeing people felt better with the assistive technology in place

For more information on how your organisation can benefit from Social Enterprise engagement, Social Impact Bonds, Social Impact Measurement and Return on Investment or to get case studies or a FREE copy of Robert’s white papers and publications, please contact us with the nature of your interest and we will happily arrange for a conversation or materials to be forwarded to you.