Our medical and social care triage and monitoring centre operates around the clock. Trained NHS 111 staff constantly observe readings from users and are alerted to any cause for concern. For example if a user is not active at a time when they usually are, the monitoring staff can check on them by:

  • Speaking directly to the user via the device
  • Contacting professional or family carers
  • Contacting social care or health services
  • Summoning the emergency services

Our monitoring staff perform triage to NHS standards, so any referrals they make to the emergency services will meet the ambulance service’s criteria of what constitutes an emergency and will be accorded that status.

The monitoring system continually learns about the user, so the longer they wear it, the more responsive it becomes.  For example Care3® can detect signs such as high or low body temperature before the user or their carers may be aware of it, preventing problems such as urinary tract infections from escalating. This can lead to fewer GP or other health professional call-outs and fewer prescriptions, as well as increased wellbeing and reassurance for users and carers

Care3® offers 24/7 cover by health and social care triage and monitoring. We can respond the user’s individual needs, combining a medical and social care response. Family and carers can also be included in this communication process and receive alerts.

An app, for Android or iPhone, allows commissioners and staff to see all or part of users’ records and reports in real time. The app works on a simple traffic light alert system. This enables commissioners and staff to focus on priorities and make the best use of resources.