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Ethical use of data

Care3® is a health and wellness monitoring device. It is compatible with the NHS ‘N3’ public sector secure platform and is linked to a medical and social care triage and monitoring centre. Health and wellness information can be passed to medical and social care professionals to ensure the best out comes for users.

In order to achieve the best health and wellness outcomes for users,we will seek their, or their representatives’, permission for their personal data to be shared, as necessary, with NHS consultants, GPs other health and social care professionals.

Research using Big Data

Future Care is committed to changing the way we use technology to improve our health and wellbeing. To achieve this, we work with ethical, public sector, health and wellness research institutions, academics and consortiums.

Research into medical and social care will benefit humanity by developing a wider range of health and wellness diagnostics, software and services.

As part of our registration process, we will request the user’s permission to anonymise personal data for use by these research institutions. We will never breach a user’s trust by misuse of this anonymised personal data.

If you have any concerns on the use of anonymised data, please contact us.