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About Our Big Data & Free Health & Wellness Data Set

Future Care is committed to supporting medial research institutions and academia. Thought technology we believe we can make a difference to humanity’s health and wellbeing. To support this aim we openly embrace collaboration and engagement with organisations that share this goal and share our ethical humanitarian values.

In supporting ethical research, Care3®’s medically approved wearable device and 24×7 real-time monitoring, generates a lot of BIG health and wellness data. This data is of very high quality, well-structured and consistent over an accumulation of several years.

To apply for the FREE use of this sample data set please register. Alternatively, if you want to discuss any aspect of our data or technology, please contact us or call 0800 688 9194.

Data Set Introduction

To date but not limited to, we have provided sample data sets to universities carrying out research into most for the primary medical conditions: Cardio-Vascular, Diabetics, Depression, Parkinson, Dementia, Sleep Disorders and Obesity.

However we are medical not researchers or data analysts. So if you have a research requirement, we are only too pleased to provide you with an anonymised sample set of health data. This consists of 150 patients, demographics, medical condition, all monitored over a period of 1.5years and covers:

  • Heart rate
  • Body temperature
  • Movement / rest patterns
  • Falls detector
  • Some 30+ alerts incidents, generated by preventative and reactive algorithms such as falls or circadian rhythms.

To apply for the FREE download please complete our registration form. Alternatively, if you want to discuss any aspect of our data or technology, please contact us or call 0800 688 9194. Beyond this FREE data set we are also happy to enter into discussions on using the whole or part of our data representing over 120,000 registered users

 Use of Big Data 

Society is beginning to realise the power and potential benefits of Big Data. Health and social care organisations need to analyse and use their data to cut costs, save time and improve care and treatment.

The Care3® health monitoring system gathers detailed, accurate data which can be anonymised and used to develop:

  • Better service and workforce planning
  • New algorithms to improve health and social care provision
  • More detailed, real-time analysis of specific, known conditions
  • Medical research based around targeted, well-defined cohorts or data correlations
  • An unprecedented overview of the health & wellbeing of people in the UK.

All use of data would be:

  • Anonymised
  • With informed consent
  • For ethical research
  • Under the strictest security, compatible with the NHS ‘N3’ secure network and approved by the Health and Social Care Information Commission.

Future Care (UK) Ltd, Co-Founder, CDO (Chief Disruptive Officer) & Chairman, Andrew Cowen explains: “Big data is already here. Every time we engage with public sector services our data is recorded. Every time we shop, use social media, GPS or a smartphone, we’re contributing to Big Data analytics. Health and social care services need this data to plan for the future and improve our health outcomes. It’s critical that we provide informed consent and make this invaluable information available for the betterment of humanity”.

Ethics & Privacy