Setting-up Care3®service

Setting-up Care3® service

After purchasing Care3®, the customer or end user completes a registration form . We can offer an automation service to capture information for the registration of large numbers of end user’s details. This automation processes will reduce the initial admin set-up data entry time and resources required.

Future Care will then configure the Care3® service and by delivery to the NHS or Social Service customer or if required direct to the end user. The customer and/or the end user, receives notice that the equipment has been dispatched with tracking information.

On delivery, the equipment is Plug & Play so the end user only has to put on the wearable device, plug in the base unit into a 13 amp plug socket and push one red button on the base unit to activate the service. That is all that they must do. It’s that simple!

The monitoring centre will then see the connection and contact the user, introduce themselves, check that the end user is happy and everything is working and that the end user is happy and OK with the process and service.

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