SMART CITIES LoRa/LPWAN Infrastructure

Future Care was one of the winning applicants to participate in a competitive ‘BOOST’ programme initiated by Cambridge Wireless / Digital Catapult. Our winning approach was to develop a Smart City LoRa/LPWAN infrastructure capability and a Falls Prediction and Prevention(FP&P) community service that would operate on top of this smart city infrastructure.

The benefit to Future Care, was to enable us to extend our current Care3® IoT-smart home connectivity, to a smart city infrastructure. This would enable Future Care to develop the skills, knowledge and expertise so as to be in a position to develop new health and wellness related services and our potential we see in moving from the home into the community.

Furthermore, by adding hot spots via our Care3® IoT smart home, we would be adding to and enhancing a smarty city’s infrastructure. This would help to create better coverage across the smart city infrastructure, and increase the collection and dissemination of data amongst IoT entities.

At present, the Lora/LPWAN connectivity is just a prototype. However, we are in discussions with several companies and smart city locations e.g. Cambridge, ‘Things Connected’ Future Cities Catapult and Greenwich, to move this forward from our current prototype into a pilot.

We are seekig collaboration in developing this further along with our Falls Prediction and Prevention Service. If you are interested and or wish to find out more then please CONTACT US or call our FREE phone number 0800 688 9194.