SMART HOMES & Independent living

Future Care approaches the smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) environment from a purely ethical, health and wellbeing standpoint.
For most people, the home is a place of sanctuary. The key to remaining in one’s own home for longer, independent and empowered, is to customise this environment and make your home work for you, your individual circumstances, your health and wellbeing.

Our smart home focus is about enabling the elderly and those who are physically or mentally challenged to live healthier, independent lives. We also believe that with the support comes in two forms both human and technology. With the right combination of independent living and IoT smart home technologies, your independence is only limited by one’s own imagination. We believe people can return home from hospital or convalescence quicker and in many cases, self-manage their own care and be in control of their safety, security, environment, health and lifestyle. We can even control every aspect of your smart home by voice only commands. Future Care believers together we can achieve this end-to-end approach by providing a holistic vision and ecosystem that supports these aspirations.
Starting out from the ethical medical based, health and wellness perspective, all our smart home technologies, diagnostics, lifestyle products and services are backed up by an optional 24×7 UK call monitoring centre with trained and experienced medical and social care call-handling staff. In addition, we can direct any data sources, alert or call to any number of stakeholders.
Because these monitoring centres are approved and recognised by the emergency service, in the event of an incident they will give priority to these “qualified” calls over the unqualified calls from the public.
Within the general category of the IoT – smart home and independent living, are two specialist public sector health and wellbeing areas: telecare and telehealth. These two areas are usually the responsibility of the Occupational Therapist (OT). We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that we offer the best possible advice and implication service, putting the end user at the centre of all solutions and ensuring that they are confident and happy with the outcomes.


Brad Rogers our Co-Founder and MD has had 20 years’ experience in specifying systems to support independent living. The consultancy we offer in telecare / telehealth based on this experience and his profile as associate board director for the UKTelehealthcare and advisor to The Telecare Services Association (TSA) puts us in a knowledgeable position as to who is doing what and with what technology to be able to offer a comprehensive assessment of that individual solution might fit your circumstances

For more information about our smart home independent living service and solution please do not hesitate to CONTACT US or call us on our FREE phone number: 0800 688 9194.