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Care3® is a medical T2/CE approved health and wellness, end-to-end ecosystem for the elderly. Care3® (PDF)   provides real-time 24×7 monitoring, linked to a medical monitoring triage dedicated call centre. It is currently in use across the NHS & Social Services (Case Studies ) and integrates across the public health, social care sectors and the secure ‘N3’ public sector platform.

Care3® offers many NHS & Social Services commissioner  benefits. These can be mapped across key policy initiatives and care pathways i.e.
Video: Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) & Sustainable Transformation Plans (STPs) .

Care3® is medically T2/CE approved, Care3® health and wellness ecosystem , measures heart rate, body temperature, activity and circadian rhythms, detecting ill-health and a decline in wellbeing. Care3® (PDF)  connects to a social care and medial triage monitoring centre. It enables conversation between the user and monitoring staff. It automatically responds to over 30+ reactive

and preventative algorithmic alerts. The software generates reports, which can be seen via an Android or iPhone APP. Commissions, medical or social care staff can see all or some of the user health data. The APP can also be used by family. The base unit is plug & play and can linked to any independent living, diagnostic or smart home Internet of Things (IoT) peripheral to control security safety, environment, lifestyle technologies and services.

This a schematic of Care3®’s connectivity ecosystem (PDF) , for a smart home and stakeholders.

In short, it’s simple to us and is like wearing the NHS and Social Services on your wrist. Summarised commissioner benefits :

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Care3® Connectivity Ecosystem (PDF)




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