The Opportunity

We are seeking two types of investors.  One or more seed capital investors to benefit from 10% equity for £300k. Also, we are activity pursuing overseas investors who want to be involved in our health technology company, under a “T1 Entrepreneur UK Work Visa” scheme.

We are very focused on sales of our Care3® public sector brand for seniors. Sales in the public sector are notoriously slow but having persevered with this sector, we are now generating cash flow with a £400k sales purchase order pipeline. We are also seeing new opportunities which we are slotting into our medium long term plans. For this reason, we have developed a innovation led business model that offers considerable benefits and opportunities for joint ventures, research collaboration, acquisition, diversity and exit strategy options.

While Care3® provides the short term cashflow, in Apr’17, we won £100k funding from InnovateUK to develop a prototype CHIME™ – Clinical Health Infant Monitoring Ecosystem. This is focused on paediatrics but has excellent potential for developing a private sector consumer option and range of services that underpin the infant device for both private and public sectors.

Further recongion from Cambridge Wirless and Digital Catapult smart city Long Range, Low Powered Wider Area Network (LoRa/LPWAN) BOOST programme has enabled us to extend our capability, from the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart-home connectivity to explore the new opportunities around LoRa/LPWAN and the Internet of Smart Cities and Communities. On top of this infrastructure we are also developing a FALLs PREDICTION & PREVENTION service. (Neither of these two awards have been included in the P&L).


Why invest NOW!

We have the vision, sales, patents pending and traction in the public sector. We are instigating new IP opportunities as well as plans to launch into the private retail / consumer market. Here are four good reasons WHY you should invest now…

REASON 1 – Public-sector traction and sales with NHS & Social Services

  • Sales – Care3® public-sector brand. Currently sales to NHS & Social Services and a more than £400K growing pipeline with good sustainable gross business margins
  • Monitoring device: subscription business model offers repeat revenues and provides a foundation from which to develop and sell other added-value services and equipment.
  • Increasing distribution and market share by upselling and replacing old analogue Call -line products with Care3® via 250 ‘Lifeline’ local authority monitoring centres with a potential target audience of 6 million users. We have two pilots in progress with two monitoring centres with a collective total of 250,000 users.

REASON 2 – Business development & capitalising on opportunities

  • Rapid growth and focus is on sales of our senior Care3® wearable health device and developing the public sector but other opportunities are presenting themselves:
  • Two joint ventures which are in progress
  • A further four funding bids in progress (estimated value £180k but no included in P&L)
  • Patents pending on CHIME™ infant wearable, smart cities (LoRa/LPWAN) and FALL PREDICTION & PREVENTION plus new services.
  • Augmented reality (AR) services and technology using HoloLens
  • AWS developer credits £40K
  • Classified by HMRC as ‘Research & Development’ tax benefit compliant
  • Clear and realistic exit strategy

REASON 3 – Big Data strategy

  • Leveraging our Big Data to generate new opportunities. On our website, as a marketing tool, users can register and access a FREE, anonymised health & wellbeing dataset consisting of 150 patient records over 18 months. This is attracting interest from academics and research hospitals, private and public organisations to engage in joint ventures. We are looking to develop our big data but this is still in its infancy.

REASON 4 – Strong management team  and advisory board

  • Over 180 years’ combined experiencein public / private health and IT.


INVEST NOW – just click here!

We have a secure private investment page, approved by the Financial Services Association. To invest you will need to register. It’s a simple proves and from this location you will be able to access all our investor and due diligence documentation.


  • Do not hesitate as we anticipate fast growth from sales and rapid increase in the company’s valuation.
  • Overseas investors benefit from “T1 Entrepreneur UK Work Visa” and residency.
  • Vast potential in UK and overseas markets
  • Establishing building blocks for developing new markets, IP and joint ventures


If you want future calcification and a conversation please CONTACT US  or call our FREE phone number 0800 688 9194


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