Traction to date

  • 2017–18 Received ‘Design Foundation’ InnovateUK grant: £100K to develop prototype wearable infant monitoring device in association with Madison, an award- winning product design agency;

  • 2019: Development of Minimal Viable Product (MVP), Technical Readiness Level (TRL) = 4, product design and bill of materials certified by ARROW INTERNATIONAL (Europe), reinforcing the feasibility of the technology, reducing investor risk. Benefits: credits to offset against purchases; access to global network of world-class expertise; referrals to other industry influencers and Indiegogo crowdfunding platform;

  • 2018 ongoing: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with universities and hospitals to co-design wearable infant monitoring device and ecosystem.

  • 2018 ongoing: Raising Future Care’s profile as thought leader through public speaking engagements at industry events such as Connected World, October 2019, London;

  • 2020  AgeingFit, Nice, France, smart homes in providing health and wellness to seniors

These appearances have led to engagement with other UK and European innovation organisations including the European Enterprise Network (EEN), UCL Consulting, (SIGHT) Portsmouth and the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN).

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