Care3® is a simple to use, plug and play service. Simplicity is its key feature in supporting people who are frail, elderly or confused.

Care3® is so simple to use, that customers and users do not need training. It records all information automatically.

However, the Care3®service is monitored by staff call handling  who can see if the user is not making the best use of the service. If this happens we will offer remote advice to health workers or the user to help them get the bestfrom Care3®.

Hybrid Clinical Technician training


If a commissioner or health professional wants to develop the full potential of theCare3®service, we can offer training to create what we describe as a new breed of medical community practitioner – a Hybrid Clinical Technician.This is the phrase we use to describe a qualified professional who has been trained to read, analyse and interpret the real-time health and wellness datathat Care3® generates.

We believe our data has the power to offer considerable insights into a user’s health and wellbeing. We also believe our data has the power to support GPs and others to detect, at the early stages, any decline in a user’s health or wellness. Such preventative analysis will save fortunes for the NHS and Social Services, as well as changing the way care is managed in the community and amongst the medical and social care professions.

We offer an add-on service to train health workers in how they can applyCare3® technology and read its real-time data to prevent any escalation of a user’sdeclining health and wellness.

Using data as a health and wellness interventionis a disruptive technology approach which will have a massive impact on the way we do things now and on the future of community health services.

To find out more about this innovation please contact us.

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