The Future Care UK Limited

The Future Care (UK) Ltd

The Future Care (UK) Ltd is an innovative and disruptive provider of health and wellbeing solutions in the UK and abroad. We uses assistive technologies to deliver affordable, efficient and scalable health and wellbeing solutions across the public and private sectors.

Our primary aim is to offer integrated, end-to-end health solutions, with assistive technologies at their core. Our vision is to change the way health and social care is provided and monitored, making it more efficient and cost-effective, thanks to new ways of working using these technologies. This will benefit private individuals, businesses, institutions and 3rd sector organisations spanning both the private and public sectors.

Our secondary aim is to use these health technologies to create a holistic service, incorporating health and wellness, safety, security, environment and lifestyle. This will ultimately encompass ‘smart home’ technologies which use the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).


Our Care3® public sector brand is a medically-driven health and wellbeing ecosystem. This offers service using a real-time, wearable, health & wellbeing, monitoring device, supported by a medical triage monitoring service.


Care3® offers:

  • Financial sustainability and new & efficient ways of working across the NHS and Social Services benefiting GPs, hospital Trusts, medial consultants, key workers, service users and their families.
  • Deliver health and wellbeing solutions which improve efficiency, cost-savings, improved care outcomes, inter-agency communication and care planning.
  • Reduce risk and empower service-users, promoting independence.

Care3® can be used in:

This is just a snapshot of our capabilities. Contact us to find out more.