Investment in Future Care to date has been via InnovateUK grants, sweat equity investors, self-funding and working with MSc, MBA post-graduate researchers and engineers from universities across UK, Canada, USA, Australia.


  • 2017-18 Received ‘Design Foundation’ InnovateUK grant: £100K to develop prototype wearable infant monitoring device in association with Madison, an award- winning product design agency.

  • 2019-20 Re-designed, located and engineered 2nd version of prototype, including a unique and new product casing design. This was implemented by De Montfort University ‘Impacting Business By Design’ grant (£60K).

  • 2020-ongoging ARROW (Europe), engagement and support providing free resources, electronic components, consultancy and participation on our advisory board with one of their senior field engineers. ARROW have also provided referrals to their partners resulting in further benefits and collaborations.

  • 2021 Independent IP audit, freedom to operate, collimating in submitting a hardware patent.

  • 2022 Independent regulatory compliance grant (£30K) to review and provide a roadmap to encompass CE-Mark/Class2A&B across UK & EU undertaken by Global Regulatory Services.

  • 2022-3 RTO grant (£15K) to independently review Future Care’s analytics cloud platform and APP systems architecture resulting in a pre-programming wireframe.

  • NIHR adult respiratory clinical trial grant application with Nottingham Universality Hospital and Nottingham Trent University.

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