About Us


We are health tech innovators dedicated to improving and transforming people’s quality of life, health and wellbeing. With a focus on the major health challenges facing our diverse communities, prioritising unmet needs and helping to transform services, we seek to bring about improvements in health and social care through research and innovation and collaboration/partnership with pioneering organisations.

Our mission is fourfold:

  • to fulfil unmet health and wellness needs across consumer, private and public sectors
  • to transform current work practices, new ways to access services and improve efficiencies and outcomes
  • to develop a trusted premium brand across all our markets
  • to provide high-quality and trusted product, data and consolations to support prediction and prevention, and to facilitate early interventions to improve health outcomes across all sectors of society


Our five key aims are:

  • to be the leading provider of medical-grade, vital-signs monitoring technology as part of an entire ecosystem designed to improve patient outcomes and create savings for the NHS through increased efficiencies
  • to be the leading provider of health data, harvested through our technology, to support prediction and prevention, further enhancing health and wellness and sickness prevention
  • to build trusted brands in the consumer, medical and business sectors
  • long-term: to be agile in pivoting our technology to meet new challenges and opportunities, and exploit our existing technology to develop further applications.
  • to expand into overseas markets.

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