The Future Care (UK) Ltd’s focus is on providing health and social care innovations and services (dHealth, eHealth, mHealth, iHealth, telecare, telehealth, and remote diagnostics) within the public and private sectors. We specialise in the deployment and deployment of disruptive technologies in delivering health and wellbeing solutions to health and social care professionals, families and end users. The breadth and scope of our services and research and development innovation includes the likes of: institutions, corporations, academia, 3rd sector, communities, families and end users.

We are passionate about changing the lives of the frail, elderly, mentally or physically impaired. We are also evangelists in promoting self-managed care through technology and supporting relatives and family carers who are often referred to as “informal” or “family carers”.

While our primary focus is health and wellbeing, our technologies can also be connected and incorporate complimentary and related areas, such as; security, safety, environment, lifestyle, smarthouse technologies – ultimately – the internet of THINGS(IoT)!

As part of our business activities we accumulate Big Data. With have and are governed by a code of ethics and high levels of data security and data protection. We seek the permission form those who provide us with data to use this to the benefit of humanity. All data that we have permission to use is anonymised and is use to develop preventative and reactive health algorithms or by academia and public sector institutions to further our understanding of what impacts on our health and the way we engage and interact with the world.

Our approach to IoT is firmly routed in the ethical and medial, public sector. This differentiates us from the larger consumer and lifestyle providers.

In short, we firmly believe the use of these technologies is only limited by one’s imagination. Therefore we want to educate the market in the use of these technologies and how they can benefit, businesses and intuitions.

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