Andrew Cowen, (Founder & CEO)

Serial entrepreneur Andrew Cowen is a high-functioning creative dyslexic and thought leader, seeking to disrupt current healthcare pathways through innovative technology.

Andrew’s great strength is in creating and motivating teams to implement his forward-thinking vision. He has an extensive network and is skilled at bringing together stakeholders from the private and public sectors with academia and industry to collaborate on ambitious projects.

Robert Foster, Investor and Non-exec Director

Robert has worked with Andrew Cowen as a consultant for more than 20 years. His background is in marketing, advertising, and management consultancy. Robert’s role in Future Care is strategic planning, performance and social impact measurement. He has spent 30 years advising national and overseas governments, local authorities, infrastructure bodies, third sector and social enterprises to help them achieve their aims. His clients value his ability to understand, simplify and solve their problems.

Ali Peerbhoy, Investor, Non-exec Director

Ali has been working with Future Care as CFO for over 2 years. A seasoned CFO who has spent the last 15 years of his career in the technology and related services business space, focusing on start-ups and early-stage businesses. 

He has extensive experience of corporate transactions having been involved in a number of start-ups, an MBO, numerous funding rounds (including both debt and equity funding) and the establishment of US businesses.

Professor Saeid Sanei, Non-exec Director

A Fellow of the British Computer Society, Prof. Sanei received his PhD in biomedical signal processing from Imperial College London. He has worked with Future Care for over 3 years and co-ordinated the company’s relations with Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust.

His role is to undertake the research behind the sound signal processing, AI/ML data research and visualisation. His specific focus is on the research and development of the integrated stethoscope and AI/ML education of the chemical signature sensor, and other data algorithms that will provide health insights and enhance Future Care’s offering.

Billy Wood, investor and (Joint-Chief Technical Officer, Software Engineer)

Billy has worked with Future Care for more than 4 years. With an MBA in technology management he is an experienced technical project manager and has 10 years’ experience as an embedded/IoT engineer, managing medical device projects from conception to release.

Billy specialises in working with start-ups to put together minimal viable products (MVPs) and helping them to develop the product further. His strength is in working with small-scale and miniaturised embedded systems. Billy also has practical experience of working with cloud services provider AWS.

Billy’s close partnership and accreditation with ARROW Electronics will be crucial in helping us develop our device and bring it to market.

Simon Harradine, investor, bookkeeper

Certified FCCA BSc (Hons)accountant with 20+years’ experience in industry. Simon has the corporate background and experience of international and local call centres.

Key areas of experience: Hinduja Group Plc., financial controller (Europe T/O £38m in UK & EU) The company operated customer care call centres for various branded companies such as Danone Baby Foods Division, Unilever and Igloo Foods as well as UK Government departments including DECC and UK Visa and Immigration; H&B Group – purchasing & forecasting data analysis.


Our agile approach to our advisory board means that we can draw on a range of expertise as the company evolves. Currently our advisors consist of top influencers in their field and those who have considerable insights into and engagement with UK and international commercial companies, private and public health services and experience in bringing both consumer and medical products and services to fruition

  • ARROW – Senior engineer seconded to Future Care re sensor and system integrations

  • ROKE – Senior health care account manager focused on data capture, structure, analysis, and visualisation.

  • GENIUS – multi-award-winning brand and marketing agency.

  • GLOBAL REGULATORY SERVICES – award winning agency providing regulatory guidance and management.

  • SUNDERLAND SOFTWARE CITY CATAPULT – front and back-end software development for analytics cloud and end user APPS.

  • Medical – Professor Andrew Prayle

  • Medical – Dr Simon Bignall

  • Medical – Faye Safari, Speciality Midwife, GSTT

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