• Andrew Cowen, (Founder & CEO)

Serial entrepreneur Andrew Cowen is a creative thought leader seeking to disrupt current healthcare pathways through innovative technology.

With a background in audio-visual production and marketing communications, Andrew became a social entrepreneur in 2002, founding a homecare agency specialising in dementia. Building on his work with the elderly, in 2016 his focus turned to the remote monitoring of vital signs in seniors. A visionary, he quickly saw the potential for developing Smart City applications, and conceived the Falls Predict™ service to explore the potential and barriers of smart health and cities.

In 2017/18, he extended this work to the paediatrics sector, receiving £100K funding from InnovateUK to develop a remote vital-signs wearable monitoring device for infants.

Andrew’s great strength is in creating and motivating teams to implement his forward-thinking vision. He has an extensive network and is skilled at bringing together stakeholders from the private and healthcare sectors with academia to collaborate on ambitious projects.

Andrew is sought-after as a conference speaker on topics relating to: Smart Homes, Cities, Health & Wellbeing, Remote Monitoring, Nursing and Home Care, Disruptive Innovation at both public and private events, nationally and internationally.

Thanks to his thought leadership and vision in the Smart Home and City and the health and wellness arena, Andrew has been invited to curate a Smart City Health Innovation Village, Conference and Hackathon for GIANT ’20, London, UK.

  • Billy Wood (Joint-Chief Technical Officer, Software Engineer)

10 years’ experience as a  technical project manager and embedded/IoT engineer, Billy Wood has an MBA in technology management. He has experience in managing medical device projects from conception to release.

Billy is specialised in working with start-ups, developing MVP’s prototypes and validation. His key strengths are software and hardware experience, working with small-scale and miniaturised embedded systems. Billy also has practical experience working with Arrow semi-conductor manufacture and integrator and AWS, a cloud services provider that is fully compatible and can work securely with the HSCN as it has gained PSN assurances for its EU based servers. This support will be crucial in helping us design, build, and scale our development and bring it to market.

  • Martin Černý, Joint Chief Technical Officer, (Software Development)

Martin was Andrew Cowen’s intern in 2015 developing front and back end software for his homecare agency, Caring Sharing & Company Ltd. Martin’s career has focused on being an entrepreneur as well as a freelance software developer and project manager. He has worked with many companies as a freelance developer and experience as an entrepreneur. In 2016, Martin was part of a hackathon resulting in building the FINDoc platform, an online booking platform for doctors/patients and helping to raise £1.2m angle investment.

His remit involves developing back-end and front-end microservices using multiple software languages, end-user testing and extensive use of AWS services. Martin has worked with many UK and blue chip companies across the UK and EU.

  • Baz Dhaliwal, (Product & Service Director)

Baz is passionate about improving peoples live. He is an experienced designer and entrepreneur in health & wellness. Using customer-led human-centred design approach and insights, he develops commercial strategies and manages the full product lifecycle from concept through to production and CE certification.

A short snapshot of Baz’s past achievements:

Commercial go-to-market strategist with Sentinel Biosensor, a multi-award winning healthcare start-up. A wearable, medical-grade vital signs monitor and AI decision support system for clinicians and contributed to their Series ‘A’ investment round.

Co-Founder, strategy and project lead for Bed Sense – a passive, in-home, non-invasive, longitudinal vital signs monitoring that transforms regular beds into smart beds to  assist heart failure management in the community.

Fonder & CEO, Rikoset to commercialise proprietary technology that uses 3D scanning and 3D printing to create bespoke orthotics and protective products for elite athletes.

  • Simon Harradine FCCA BSc (Hons) (Provisional Chief Financial Officer)

Certified Accountant with 20+years’ experience in industry. Simon has the corporate background and experience of call centres.

Key areas of experience: Hinduja Group Plc., financial controller (Europe T/O £38m in UK & EU) The company operated customer care call centres for various branded companies such as Danone Baby Foods Division, Unilever and Igloo Foods as well as UK Government departments inkling DECC and UK Visa and Immigration; H&B Group – purchasing & forecasting data analysis.

Other International clients: Wicked Inc. Group Ltd, Risk Metrics Group Plc, ISS Europe Limited/RREV Limited

  • Robert Foster, Director Impact Management (Social impact, healthcare economics and clinical performance)

Robert has qualified as an engineer and comes from a management consultancy background with E&Y. He is a strategic planner focused on social enterprise and trading options, impact and evaluation, marketing and marketing communications, tendering, commissioning and procurement, and project management. Robert has known Andrew Cowen several years and has a wealth of knowledge contacts and management consultancy experience.

Robert is a Co-Founder of Red Ochre a social enterprise . He advises and consults with national and overseas governments, local authorities, infrastructure bodies, third sector and social enterprises to help them achieve their aims. His motto: Strive for perfection, settle for excellence”.


Our agile approach to our advisory board means that we can draw on any number of sources of support as the company evolves. Currently our advisors consist of top influencers in their field and those who have considerable insights into and engagement with UK Hospitals and the public sector, and experience in bringing both consumer and medical products and services to fruition.

  • SETHA – South East Technology Health Alliance
  • Y&HAHSn – York & Humberside Academic Health Science Network
  • Hospitals: based on an MoU as well as offering an advisory role representing medical engagement and management, paediatrics and clinicians and research
  • Universities: engineering, sensors, medical, economics
  • The Imagination Factory – product design and manufacture
  • ARROW – sensors and system integrations
  • IBM – system design and consultancy

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