The Future Care (UK) Ltd is focused on providing medical grade, ethical health & wellbeing products and services across the public sector. Besides Future Care’s measurement and monitoring of vital signs, we also believe in the value and importance
of Circadian Rhythms. (PDF)

Our Body’s Circadian Rhythms

In short, our bodies are hard wired to a 24hr clock. Over a 24hr period, our body’s Circadian Rhythms change according to our sleep patterns, movement, stress, pain plus other biometric variations. These changes are excellent indicators of health and wellbeing. Our Care3® – adult end-to-end ecosystem and our infant paediatric monitoring device CHIME™, in R&D stage, all produce comprehensive reports, diagnostics, alarms and alters to provide NHS, Social Services, families and 3rd parties with information that has the power to positively disrupt the way health and social care is delivered in the UK.

Care3® (PDF) is our senior health and wellbeing, end-to-end monitoring ecosystems. Care3® is so easy and simple to use – its plug and play, with no installation required. It includes a wearable device linked to a 24×7, a medical triage monitoring call centre.

NHS use Care3® to reduce bed blocking and remotely monitor seniors for end-of-life and palliative care. Although Care3® is a generic ecosystem it easily fits into NHS pathways supporting

such conditions as: Cardio-Vascular, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Diabetic, Obesity and Depression plus other medical ailments. (Case Studies)

Social Services use Care3® to monitor the elderly and help them live independently. Care3® also connects to any physical or mental health telecare/telehealth; security, safety, environment, health and wellbeing, IoT- smart home peripheral. We also have a 3rd party approved, national installation service to connect additional peripheral, telecare / telehealth equipment an Occupational Therapist may specify to enable a person to remain independent and empowered for longer, in their own home.

The Commissioner’s APP works on a traffic light system highlighting priority visits enabling care workers to work more efficiently, better use of resources and commissioners can meet their Sustainable Transformation Plans (STP’s), Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) remit & key performance indicators.

We also offer a FREE consultancy service in the use of Telecare/Telehealth. The Co-Founder and MD of Future Care, Brad Rogers has 20+ years’ experience in this area. He is an associate board director of UKTelehealthcare, an advisor to the KINGS Fund and liaise with the Telecare Services Association (TSA). There is very little he does not know about in this area and has developed complete integrated systems and services around supporting commissioners in STP’s and TECS. For more information on how we can help please CONTACT US

Care3® has many benefits for both the NHS and Social Services. We can demonstrate how Care3® enables greater efficiency, inter-agency integration and data / report sharing across the secure, public sector ‘N3’ platform. To find out more about our Adult – Care3® or CONTACT US

Currently, only the public sector can purchase our product and services. Private individuals can contact us or can request this from their contacts in the NHS.

The Future Care has other services that we are developing for health and wellness. These include:

CHIME™ – Clinical Health Infant Monitoring Ecosystems – This is in R&D prototype stage (patent pending). However, we would be interested to hear from any parties that might have an interest in this paediatric medial monitoring ecosystem. Enquiries are welcome from academia, NHS, Social Services, parents or the general public.

Smart City – FALLS Prediction and Prevention Service – We aim to predict and reduce falls that will have considerable impact and savings for the public and private sector. This is in R&D prototype stage (patent pending). Enquiries are welcome from academia, councils, NHS, Social Services, and companies that own property and land.

AR for Dyslexia – This uses augmented reality (AR) and HoloLens technology to help those with dyslexia, to reach their full educational potential. This is in R&D prototype stage (patent pending).

AR for Hard of hearing – Use of augmented reality (AR) and HoloLens technology to help people who have hearing difficulties, engage with the world of sound, including: speech, alarms, education, street noise to enable them to engage with the world around them. This is in R&D prototype stage (patent pending).

Future Care’s Vision

We believe augmented reality (AR) and HoloLens technology, will transform the way we will receive information in the future. No longer will information be isolated and represented on a two dimensional flat screen. To embrace this shift towards AR we are developing the technology, product and services to capitalise on this trend to ensure we have the right skills, experience, expertise and we are in the right place to benefit from these opportunities once the technology becomes affordable.

Similarly, Future Care is developing smart cities services and LoRa/LPWAN infrastructure to extend our current IoT-Smart Home capability to connect to an IoT-Smart City. Our Falls Prediction & Prevention service is test bed in developing such service across multi-stakeholder interests.

To achieve our vision, we are working with partners and have developed a unique creative and collaborative business model to achieve our objectives.

Find out more and CONTACT US now! Or call us on our FREE phone number: 0800 688 9194

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